So farm work today consisted of four hours of hand-weeding the strawberries (I think there’s 800 feet of them, to give you an idea) in dry, brick-hard dirt. It was blissful though, because I’m gaining myself back after a long time of (it feels like) having been (by necessity!) a different person. I didn’t have to talk to anyone or get interrupted the entire time. And I got to have pop tarts on the drive back to the Parent’s Day Out to pick up the baby. And then she had had a great day, better than Monday, which had at that time been her best day ever at the PDO. Apparently she didn’t cry ONCE today, and didn’t want to be held the whole time, and ran around and played hard all morning. So when I got her home, she nursed for a minute and then crashed. Which means—yes—I get to take a shower. Plenty of days this doesn’t happen. I’m buoyant with gratitude for basically everything that has happened today. Hence the cheery blog post title.

So now, in the ~15-30 minutes before she wakes up, I’m all achy and sore and clean and happy, and all I want to do is talk about this house we just bought. (((applause)))

Thanks. Thank you. Yes, we did it. Marshall made all the money, and I took care of all the baby, and no one died, and life goes on, and we suddenly get to mark a YUGE item off our Long-Term Goals list. Ok *my* Long-Term Goals list, because Marshall doesn’t do that kind of thing. But—I do. I do so much. Omg. This house, with its red brickness, cute shapeness, fireplaceness (such fireplaceness, wow), and whole acre of level, beautiful land ready for garden and chickens and three people from Chicago Avenue to come stand in it and take deep breaths—this house, be purchased.

The yard is going to be the focus of our spring and early summer. We’re hoping we can do a medium-sized kitchen renovation late summer or early fall, and get the chimneys swept, and maybe do something about our furniture, but yard (and refinishing the floors real quick) is current focus. Too large a thing to write about in this post, because it already has a long introduction and my main goal was really to write about paint colors, but more later.

So paint colors. The  T R E N D , besides using all caps and setting spaces between letters, is white. White white white white. It looks very cool in magazines, and even plenty of O N – T R E N D houses I’ve been in, but Marshall and I are kind of proud and kind of embarrassed (ok I’m talking about myself w/that last descriptor) that we need color. This house we’ve been renting, which has not been that bad but has at times been ridiculous and bad, is 100% beige walls and white trim. I love white trim, but beige does nothing for me. I guess the point of excessively neutral walls is to let objects be dominant, but we barely have any objects. I have chairs I’m going to recover, but obviously not for a while, and even our art is pretty understated. So once we realized that, the question became, well what colors then.

sage walls and cabinets
pale green walls with sage curtains
pale grass green living room
yellow room white trim
seafoam bedroom
teal bedroom

Photos not same size or organized in pleasing way but baby may wake up any minute, and just wanted to get everything I’m currently thinking about on the page. Greens are big for me, and I cannot for the life of me decide which green should be where. Marshall greatly desires yellow third bedroom/office. I mediumly desire teal bedroom to remind me of many happy days in my tiny teal bedroom at Grainger Avenue. And seafoam is Mary’s color.