1. I’m getting between 5 & 7 hours of sleep a night. I’m cool with that for short stints, but uncool with it forever. That six hour average actually happened without any waking, two nights ago, and got me all excited, and then last night the baby was a jerk and this horrible FOREVER LONG thunderstorm was also a jerk and I don’t even know how much I slept—and don’t want to. Telling myself that I got more sleep than I really did kinda helps me for some reason.

2. Growing up continues to be a fucking nightmare. This just in!

3. Now that I’ve vented, I’ll be pleasant.

4. For instance, I was so pleased about same-sex marriage being legalized, and then confused and outraged by all the “Christian” anti-gay slander, cruel insults, and vindictive fear-mongering that the SCOTUS plow turned up. So, as a Christian, I figured now is a pretty good time to read up on homosexuality and Christian exegesis. It’s been enlightening thus far. Although I’m sure the social media furor will die down as quickly as it arose, and no one will ever ask me for my opinion on the subject.

5. I would give 2-3 fingers from my left hand to be able to go to a nearby beach with a full-time nanny. Unfortunately, this isn’t the kind of deal that happens in real life.

6. Ugh I said I would pleasant, didn’t I. One pleasant thing: the physical therapist said I was improving and she thought my wonky pelvis would be pretty much better in three weeks……. of twice-weekly expensive therapy. That really is pleasant news, despite that last little zinger, there.

7. I’m in the car relishing these few minutes of semi-solitude as the baby sleeps. When she wakes up, I’ll put her in the stroller and walk through Ijams and down the Will Skelton Greenway a while. Nature therapy is no joke. My dark little crabbed & spidery spirit needs it. I really am unfit to mix with the public, at this time. Channeling Anne Lamott’s bitter and frantic little inner monologues, currently. Leaves and cicadas will definitely help.