• Sitting in the car park while baby snoozes, and when she wakes up, we’ll go into church.
  • Which I have put on a skirt for. It’s one of my recent clothing purchases. A nude miniskirt. It might sound sketchy, but it’s actually not at all.
  • Marshall is working this weekend, so I took Mary out yesterday morning, and it’s just the two of us out this morning. I was feeling complex about this, but when Marshall told me how much he was billing for his hours, last week & this weekend, I realized it was def worth it. But I still participated in some stress-eating, which was also def worth it. Salt & vinegar kettle chips—the roof of my mouth is completely destroyed.
  • Coffee is a familiar and comforting constant in my rather chaotic life.
  • I use emojis a lot, now.
  • Now, at six months postpartum, I’ve gotten my libido back, which is both awesome and strange, because this has happened just opposite of how I thought it was supposed to—I had so little desire for playtime during pregnancy (couldn’t even handle being touched, for part of the time, so weird and sad), which is when you’re supposed to be hot & heavy (heh), and now I’m breastfeeding and not supposed to wanting any. I guess like anything else, there’s no normal way—just more common and less common.
  • Baby awake! Wish you could see this cute thing. She squeezed her crackly toy and kind of whinnied.