…put photos of my kid on the internet frequently. Today I was like, Man, I haven’t put photos of Mary online in forever—I should do some today. I did actually Instagram a photo of her last night, though, and add a couple photos of her (though indirectly, really, since she wasn’t the point of that particular group pf photos) on Facebook this afternoon. And the blog post of tons of photos of her is how old? Two weeks?

I decided to not flood Facebook with baby pictures a long time ago, even before I was trying (and failing) to get pregnant. I’ve unfollowed most of my Facebook connections, partly to keep blood pressure from spiking (politics and/or general bigotry), partly in an effort to quit spending so much time scrolling down the newsfeed, and partly because of all the photos of peoples’ kids / babies. I found the baby / kid photos so incredibly dull. I couldn’t believe in their inherent value, independent of aesthetic or utilitarian purposes (and most of them were independent of aesthetic or utilitarian qualities).

I get it, now. Here’s what I’m picking up: your friends and family, if they’re truly close to you & love you, are actually almost as excited about the baby photos as you are, especially if they don’t get to see the baby in person often/at all.

[Typed all that with one hand, sleeping baby occupying the other arm/hand. Have put baby down, sleeping like a freakin angel, will post photo in a second.] [J/k.]

Also, your baby has invaded and conquered your life, and the moments when that’s not unwelcome are an entirely new flavor / quality of light / musical sound. It’s an entirely unique experience for you, and entirely unique things should be photo-documented; so you do that. To other people, though, people with no interest in other peoples’ kids, your baby pictures are like old tires floating downstream. I remember those days…..

I worried, during pregnancy, about how so many peoples’ kids’ lives are splashed across the internet, photos of all ages in all places doing all kinds of activities, and about whether there’s anything detrimental that will happen because of that. Safety, privacy.

[Baby awake again, left arm/hand again out of commission.]

So anyways, here are some baby photos. I’m still not going to flood Facebook with them, and I’m gonna try to rein myself in on Instagram, since those media shoot your photos out into other peoples’ living rooms by default; I shall instead put most of the photos here, where you have to come looking for them in order to find them. And here is Mary’s first-ever trip to our beloved mountains.

Cades Cove

frowning baby

smiling baby