living rm
I don’t know why I’m uploading this! Because the coolest part of the new living room is the shelves—made out of boards from our wedding cake table—and they’re on the other wall! Too late in the evening to take any more photos though. But I will def upload a photo of the shelving at some point.

mary baby 1
Baby room view A.

mary baby 2
Baby room view B. Yeah you can’t even tell what’s going on in these photos!! Augh—real photos coming later when not so tired/lazy.

new kitchen 1
NEW KITCHEN Y’ALL. I only say “y’all” in writing. I feel it has an effective punch, but have never felt like I can pull it off verbally.

new kitchen 1a
This gives you an idea of its size. We are reveling in its size.

nipple butter
Some nip butter I made for myself, with cocoa butter, shea butter, and coconut oil. This set of four 4-oz jars was $5 at Target. Those thieves. But I really wanted them. And I bought them.