almost 37 weeks
n front of the Christmas tree, because we love Christmas around here. It’s two cool things in one photo. This is Marshall’s year to have colored lights on the tree, alas; I would have preferred our first child to develop consciousness in a house with a Christmas tree that has lovely magical white lights on it, but whatever. She’ll forget everything from this year anyway, and will maybe remember next Christmas, which will have white Christmas tree lights in it. Although—I admit—this is the first year I’ve actually liked the colored lights. My sisters will gasp when they read this.

almost 37 weeks 2
This photo is better-lit, and shows you how big I really am. The other one makes me look smaller—and I definitely am this big, THIS ^^^^^^BIG. Hair drape because nips don’t belong in pregnant internet photos. Made you look. Haha. Well it’s clearly getting late. I should be in bed. At 10:30 on a Friday night.

almost 37 weeks butt
And this one because Marshall took a photo of my “butt,” which I feel this post should also contain, as some trick of motion or lighting or time warp makes me look like I have an 11″ waist. Actually I shouldn’t have even commented on this photo, because it’s quite artistic and dreamy, and I’m ruining it with my ridiculous sleepy humor. If only my hair looked like this in real life!