Inspired by Carla’s always-surprising-and-fun photoblogs, I decided I was going to photodocument the day, yesterday. I got all excited and took photos of the pancakes I made for breakfast … and then kind of forgot to take the camera on any of our three significant errands, so I got irritated and didn’t photodocument anything else that day. Sad, because we went to look at rental houses, and one of them—we’re pretty sure—is perfect for us, and we’re going to call and “take it” today. That was a cool one, partly because the house is darling and pretty much just what we wanted, but mostly because the people renting it (and who renovated it) are family friends of Adam’s and are just lovely people, and because we name-dropped, and because they’re such lovely people, they came down on the rent for us! TWICE!! We ended up talking to them for an hour, about babies and parenthood and traveling and Thailand and how expensive stuff is in Europe, etc. It all feels very providential. I’m so, so eager to just start moving now, but we just now (as in, today) are giving our 30-days’ notice to our present landlady. So, I really wished I’d taken pictures of that house.

We also went to look at a house that was comprised partly of floors, walls, ceiling, and roof, and partly of vast billowing waves of cooped-up-dog-smell. Neither the current tenant nor her dog were there, but we wonder if it’s a Great Dane, because the cage is that size. That, or perhaps a … what are those big white dogs? After that we went to a baby store and made a baby stuff registry. We really hope we get some of the baby clothes we registered for. The only baby clothes in Knoxville—that I have found—that I like are plain Gerber white onesies, and quite a few of this Burt’s Bees line of baby clothes. Burt’s Bees.

So I’m photodocumenting a little today, but non-sequentially, and non-thematically.

Oct 14 pancakes
Here’s those pancakes I made.

Oct 14 bread cubes
And here are pans of cubed sandwich bread and cornbread, which are even now in the oven drying out, because Marshall has had stuffing on the brain. People who can’t have salt are up shit creek without a paddle when it comes to things like Thanksgiving stuffing (or, as some people call it, “dressing”). (C told us last night that G, Marshall’s dad, who also has Ménière’s Disease, hasn’t had stuffing in at least 10 years.) Last year I couldn’t handle the thought of Marshall not having some, so I reworked this Pioneer Woman recipe and it exploded our brains with how great it was — sans salt. How is this possible, you ask? Firstly, the homemade whole-wheat bread and the rich cornbread make up for their lack of salt with their full flavors, and also the contrasting textures are nicely distracting. Secondly, I make all our chicken broth, now, and I always concentrate it pretty well, and it always has garlic, several herbs, and white wine flavors in it, which makes it the best chicken broth we’ve ever had. So—point is, great quality ingredients can make things taste good even without salt.

Oct 14 proud father
Speaking of Marshall, he has this new job (there has been much rejoicing), and they got him a new laptop. It’s super huge. It means he’s really smart. Just kidding. But it was kind of funny and exciting nonetheless. He showed it to me and was kind of like, “So we got our computers today. I think it’s bigger than my Thinkpad.” He then laid the Thinkpad (which is a really big laptop for developers) on top of the new Dell, and the Dell was bigger. It gave me this feeling like my husband just got an award for being shockingly smart. Ha. I mean, it definitely belongs to his employers, and the point of having nice computers is to do work efficiently and well, “but still.” It’s the biggest fanciest laptop I’ve ever seen. And he is really intelligent, btw. When we were dating, I would listen to him talk about programming, and think, “I can keep up with this,” but no, no I can’t, not at all. I was sad about it at first, but now I accept that our worlds can’t completely overlap, and that’s ok. It even has perks.

Oct 14 pumpkin
Speaking of me, I also got something monstrously huge from my place of employment this week. I mean, we’re members of the Care of the Earth Community Farm CSA, so we were going to get a Long Island Cheese pumpkin this week, anyway, but since I also work at the farm, I was around to hear Megan say, “I have no idea what we’re going to do with that mondo pumpkin in there,” and to then say, “Um, you’re not sure who you’re giving it to?” to which she replied, “You can have it,” to which I replied, “YAAYY thank you!! Yes!!!!” It’s 19 pounds. They like this pumpkin variety because they last in storage, they taste good, and because they’re usually small enough to fit in members’ bins. This guy … this guy is going to provide my freezer with multiple pounds of pumpkin, which I can use for pies, cookies, pancakes, muffins, … and I guess other stuff? Do you do anything with pumpkin puree other than bake with it?

30 weeks
And this is what I look like now, at almost 30 weeks. Marshall took this. It turned out so nice I might put it on facebook. … …