So you know how I haven’t wanted my morning coffee since I’ve been pregnant? (And how wonderfully strange that is, since it’s always been the first ray of sunshine of the day, no matter how early or late I get up?) Well: I’ve been re-introducing it, and loving it. Though with reservations, since these beans are really old—at least five months old, probably more—and things keep messing up my morning routines, like accidentally sleeping late or having to clean up the kitchen first or not having proper breakfast food, etc. (It’s not as bad as it was first trimester, but I still have to eat something serious and substantial first thing in the morning, like before I even wash my face. It’s a four-month old routine by now, but I think I can merge it gracefully with morning coffee routine.)

Anyway, this morning I’m off work, so I finally had time to check on a claim for an accident my car was involved in (somebody backed into my car when I was at work) several weeks ago. Of course things like this can’t go smoothly, so I’m on the phone with my insurance company who first said, “Oops, we accidentally entered this into our system last week as if you had hit the other person,” and then said that the other girl, who was supposed to file with her insurance, had said it wasn’t her responsibility and refused to do it, so I called her insurance company and filed it. Blah blah blah halfway through the second call, my coffee was ready, and I had some, and suddenly everything was totally fine. Like I suddenly realized that this insurance stuff wasn’t interfering with my day, it was an ok part of my day. I had kind of forgotten that coffee does that. High five, coffee.

Feel free to comment with your specific appreciations of coffee. What a drink! Amirite! (I’m always looking for excuses to type “amirite,” now.)