1. A walk in the morning
2. Jokes about coffee, about morning crabbiness, it all flies over my head
3. Waiting for some good news
4. Trying to imagine what the next stroke of good fortune will be, walking alone in morning sunlight, imagining good fortune.
5. For one thing, lying next to my beloved in bed, his heat sleeping by me
6. Like a child wants to sleep with her mother, touching her arm with her small hand, like this I sleep with my knee at my beloved’s thigh, my foot curling into the shadow of his living.
7. May we never outgrow our small bed, this good, good fortune.
8. And the rate at which the year turns over? So slowly, as if in sleep?
9. Time moves at a constant rate—our perceptions are what change
10. For one thing, the world sets the lonely soul in its center, its surface a blur of color, crashing sound
11. Like a child wants to rest underneath the warm unintelligible cloud of adult conversation hanging in the living room, like this I fall away from everyone I know
12. For another thing, I think that the ocean is timeless, that it is silent and dim, that great peaceful whales move through it with the grace of slo-mo
13. I imagine my next stroke of good fortune will be a trip to a deserted beach, where I will watch the ocean’s surface for five hours every day
14. Seagulls, the lonely souls on the surface of the world, the center of the ocean a blur of color and light, its many hums and whistles sounding, though we can’t hear