Today I caved and shamelessly posted amounts of photos on facebook—-but can I blame me? Noway. This morning I clipped the last thread on the quilt I’ve been working on for at least a year-and-a-half, maybe more (?). It’s made from the cloth napkins we had at our wedding in 2011. Machine-pieced, hand-quilted. I thought (way back before I got married) that I could make this thing in time to “give” it to Marshall / us as a first anniversary present, and grad school canned that plan, so here we are. I denigrated it throughout each individual part of the process, so I feel like I can be totally in love with it now.

quilt landscape

quilt top closeup

quilt back 2

quilt edge closeup

Another thing: I get to mark off a second item from my Short-Term Goals list, which feels … … GRAND.