1. I have a cold, that got better on its second day, and then worse, and is still worse. I have to do the dishes tonight because Marshall made dinner, and instead I’m sniffing and feeling pitiful in my bathrobe on the couch. Reading the blogs of strangers until I perk up enough to feel like I have something to say.

2. I—WHOA—bought a car tonight.  Why isn’t that the first thing on my list? Right: because I’m sick and consequently have a high excitement threshold.  It’s a silver 2006 Subaru Forester. A friend was selling, and it was a great deal, and my car is basically a huge flake of rust, now, with nearly a quarter of a million miles on it. It was time.

3. But it’s an automatic instead of a manual. Oh well. I only wanted a manual for superficial reasons, really: driving one makes me feel tough.

4. This is my last week at the farm—for the year, anyway. They think they’ll be able to hire me back in March, and I really really hope this is the case. I harvested parsnips for three hours with no proper gloves this morning, and now have weird chapped/abraded/sandpaper hands, but I still want this job back in the spring like I’ve wanted no other job before. It’s what I want to do.

5. But I need to look for something else to do over the winter, at least, and I think I’ll pursue freelance editing. It’s flexible, and I’m good at it. The question is, how long will it take to really get into it? And why did I procrastinate so much this month, so that I don’t have anything definite lined up for the winter?

6. In other news, I have three-quarters of my broken dishes quilt quilted. I had a few really good roll-up-your-sleeves quilting days last week, when I got a lot of it done, but ran out of steam around the same time I got this cold, and haven’t worked on it since. I’m really incredibly proud of this thing. Can’t wait to show the internet.

7. In still other news, I have bad hair now. I have such awesome memories of my hair in past years, and I still think of myself as someone with nice hair—enviable hair—but I have realized that I’m in denial. I used to pin my hair up in a messy red-brown nest of loops and twists … but I seem to neither have the patience nor the mirrors for that, anymore. Is this part of approaching 30?

8. In news unlike any news previously covered in this post, my birthday is in three days. Not that I care or anything, whatever.

9. Lalo (one half of beloved boss team at the farm) always has a chocolate raspberry cheesecake from Magpie’s Bakery for this birthday, and this year they accidentally got the large size (when they usually get the small), so I was offered “as much as you want.” Fortunately for all, I didn’t have all I wanted, but I did have one piece, which I ate by hand, like it was a hot dog. It was the BEST. I decided I wanted THAT cake for my birthday. So when my rad sister-in-law asks what I want for cake on my birthday (they’re making sushi for us, hooray), I say “chocolateraspberryMagpie’scheesecake!” With a compass in the stock!

10. Going to bed like an old person, now.