Today, after having put it off for almost an entire summer, I’m organizing my manuscript.  So people still publish books, right?  Ok.  And the people who get published still have to get their manuscripts together and mail them to publishers, right?  Ok.  Sometimes, when I talk about “my manuscript,” I get this ill feeling, like I’m talking about “my idea for a screenplay,” or “my [product I’m selling in a pyramid scheme],” or some other ungainly ill-advised effort.  Perhaps this effort is neither ungainly nor ill-advised.  Whatever the case, whether it’s any good or not, it will certainly spoil if left in its manila envelope between Sylvie and Bruno and Swann’s Way.

Here it is.  That is a ray of heaven shining down on it through the skylight.  I feel magical.  Like great efforts are heavy with joy, even in the doing of them, even if they fail.  We’ll see.