Spent the morning taking stuff to KARM and photographing stuff to sell on Craigslist.  Have just uploaded things onto Craigslist and feel like the cash is going to start pouring in, soon.  Can’t wait.  Ha.

Otherly, I found some photos of the salsa-making day and the no-salt hamburger bun-making day.  (Where do you put hyphens in situations like those in the previous sentence?  Unsure, suddenly.  And then I remember that I taught four sections of First-Year Composition at UT last year, and cackle.)  Anyways, here are some photos of things I think are beautiful.

heirloom tomatoes

blanched-off skins

blanched tomatoes



hamburger buns or whatever-you-want-buns


lima beans
And these are Jackson Wonder lima beans, the crop at the farm that is my LEAST favorite to harvest, despite the fragrance of the bean plants (it’s astonishing, floral, subtle) and the wondrous beauty of the beans once they’ve started to dry.