A few news.

My bosses at Care of the Earth CSA (though Lalo, the male boss, insists that “you have no boss, here!”) are parents.  Megan = titan.  She gave birth naturally, with a midwife, and at home, to a cute boy with black hair late last night.  When I came to the farmhouse today for lunch, after harvesting tomatoes, okra, and tiger eye beans, I got to enter the holy of holies: there she was on the bed, looking exhausted and beautiful (though anything but frail) with a tiny baby on the bed next to her,  its eyes closed so tight.  Lalo, the dad, was busy around the farm, orbiting the house with the distracted intensity of a first-time father, stopping me from time to time to tell me, in broken Spanish, another of the sublimities of women.  He’s in awe.  As I am.

Another life born into the world, another visitor whose parents will slowly, bit by bit, introduce it to the stunning, grievous, brilliantly beautiful world.  Astonishing.

I got baby fever bad, man.

Also, my mother-in-law, who has now given me two sewing machines, came over yesterday to show me how to tighten and load my bobbin.  Again.  I will remember this time.  Now I have cut out all 960 triangles for the quilt top I’m going to start sewing this week, so all I have to do now….is start sewing.  Can’t wait.  Will likely forego Castaway at our local walk-in movie house in order to begin sewing.

And the last news is that … we’re moving!  To a small apartment that is snug and romantic as the hull of a ship, in 4th & Gill.  It’ll save us tons of money while we try to save for actually buying a house.  We will have to get rid of superfluous possessions, however.  Which is a good exercise in general.  My sister and my best friends are old hands at purging & moving, and I have never been good at it.  Am not a “pack rat,” but am loathe to get rid of things like books, old photos, letters, etc.

Irritating, to have to keep writing these distracted, semi-cohesive posts, when I wish I could be writing longer, better things.  Oh well.