1.  Made and canned a gallon of salsa at the Flowsers recently.  Casey and I concluded that the only reason people used to do this is that they didn’t have freezers or fridges; i.e., because they had to.  Or, possibly, the only reason people don’t do this much anymore is that we’re lazy lards.  Huh.

2.  Wish I’d had the foresight to add that to my “Short-term Goals” list, so I could then mark it off.

3.  Now that I’m working four days a week at Care of the Earth, I have one day off to pursue writing goals.  Like turning my thesis (collection of poetry) into a proper manuscript, and then entering it in a bunch of contests for debut collections, and/or to a few small presses.  I’ve added a few poems to the manuscript that I wrote this summer, which have not had the benefit of other people’s advice & opinions, and I’ll need to revise them before printing the whole thing out and working on sequencing.  The problem is, I keep using my day off to write emails and blog posts, and take luxuriant showers.

4.  After reading the fabulous Bridget Jones’s Diary, I started The Pickwick Papers, for some mental toning.  Bridget was necessary after graduate school exhaustion, but too much Bridget makes me talk and think like Bridget, which I don’t think is very healthy or smart.  For instance, I used to never weigh myself, and now I do every day.  It’s completely distressing.  Especially since I gained weight after our Europe trip and haven’t gotten it off yet.  (Have gotten more on actually.  Distressing.  Suppose this is the point where everyone cackles and tells me that “your metabolism really does change as you age,” etc.)

5.  Glad I’m not working on my syllabus and anticipating school starting.  Whew.