Further retrospective photoblogging.

St Stephen's Cathedral side chapel
St. Stephen’s Cathedral, in Vienna, was a true wonder.  This is a side chapel, photo taken through locked iron bars.  This Christ (and, I think, the mourners) is life-size.  It does something to you, to stand here looking at this.  I’ll work on putting it into words.

Schonnbrunn fountain
Then we went to the Schönbrunn palace, legendary summer home of the Habsburgs, and since I wasn’t allowed to take photos of the interior, I just took photos outside.  But this fountain was awesome: this is Thetis asking Neptune to protect Achilles on his way to Troy!  And those frolicking half-fish people are Tritons!  Zoom in on their crazy-ass legs!  SO COOL!


Ok I actually did get one photo before I was told to pack up the camera.  Not sure what’s happening here, and have chosen not to Google it.  But this is how the rulers of empires paint their ceilings.  I think the blue paint is powdered sapphire, and the pink tints are from serfs’ blood.  Kidding.  This palace was breathtaking—I walked through it not knowing at all how to feel.  Wow.

Also, Marshall did not come with, as he is uncultured swine.  (Also kidding.)

The public transportation in this city was so great that I’m having a hard time coming up with something to say about it that’s not obnoxious.

Cute lady on the strassenbahn, which is the streetcar/tram.

Cafe Prickell
A favorite cafe.

Marshall and Jason at Cafe Prickell
Some good men.  I love them.

Stairwell at Jason’s apartment.