I am on the job hunt.  I wrote a lot about it, and have just erased it.  I’m as unsure as ever about how to go about making a buck, and how to market my skills to strangers.  My skills are so random, so odd, they cover a half acre in a half inch of water.

Anyways, I’m going to try and sell leather stuff in the meantime, and probably even after I get a job.  Who knows what may happen.  I like working with my hands, working with soil and leather, better than most jobs I’m qualified for / likely to get, so I may as well continue.  Here’s what I’ve been working on:

More books.

wallet front
wallet back
Pretty cool wallet.

And today I realized I’m getting face wrinkles from squinting, so I got some sunglasses.  Every pair looked weird in its own special way, so I basically just flipped a coin.  Hoping I looked as hip in aviators as my sister does.  And though they do block sunlight, which will be good for my face, they make me look either like a bug or like a state trooper.  Man.

good grief oh
Shoot.  Good grief.  Oh well.