More retrospective photoblogging from our trip.  We made our way from Dublin to Holyhead, Wales, and from thence to Oxford, city of the dreaming spires.  Hadn’t gotten our second wind, yet, so we kind of just walked around, from where we were staying in South Hinksey to town, and later up the Thames path to The Trout, a kind of famous little pub.  The land of Rat and Mole, C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien, of Charles Dodgson and the fantastical “Oxford years” of Sheldon Vanauken & wife Davy.  Too freighted with imaginary places— we simply drifted.

High Street
High Street.

The Turf Tavern
The Turf Tavern.  Collegy, but beery.

Merton College
Souls in torment lined the Merton College chapel.  Merton College was founded in 1264, and the chapel, here, is from the 14th century.

Christ Church
Christ Church

Christ Church Meadow
Christ Church Meadow

phone booth

Bodleian courtyard
Bodleian Library courtyard.

Noh masks in Pitt Rivers Museum
Noh masks at the astonishing Pitt Rivers museum!

Sunset over Hinksey Lake
Sun setting over Hinksey Lake, which we walked over at least twice a day while in Oxford.