Here’s some film from our trip to Dingle and Dublin.  What glorious country.

Dingle mountain ranges
We hiked with our packs six miles north across the Dingle peninsula, from Dingle to the north coast.  I think that’s Mount Brandon in the distance ahead, and I think that’s a lough to the left, but I’m not sure.  Breathtaking.

Conty Kerry field
This was supposed to be romantic, but ended up being strange.  Haha.  We had hiked probably four miles uphill at this point, and we took a break in some farmer’s field at the crest of the ridge.  The grass, the grass, the Irish grass.

Marshall in County Kerry field
Marshall hates posing for pictures, but is learning to be less of a grump.

Old Crogan Man
Back in Dublin, we went to the Kingship & Sacrifice exhibit at the Nat’l Museum of Ireland, in order to see the Bog People there.  Ever since I read Seamus Heaney’s poems inspired by ancient bodies recovered from Irish peat bogs, I’ve been fascinated by these remains.  This is Old Crogan Man, preserved in a peat bog for 2,000 years.  His nails manicured, armband intact.  He was murdered, and cut into pieces.  His last meal included buttermilk.  It’s astonishing, we were awed.  His hands looked almost alive.

Clonycavan Man
This is Clonycavan Man, also murdered and thrown into the bog.  Also astonishing: his preserved red hair, with gel in it.  Marshall’s photos of the bog bodies are so much better, but I had to get some.

Pygmy Owl
We wandered around the Natural History collections of the Nat’l Museum of Ireland first, when I thought the Bog People were there.  (They were in Archaeology.  We had to go up to the man behind the counter and ask, “Where are the bog people?”  Actually I made Marshall ask.  And that’s exactly how he asked.)  Oh how I loved the birds.  Hundreds of birds, thousands of birds.  Did you know there were owls this small?  I’m now obsessed with Pygmy Owls.

Geese of Ireland
The geese of Ireland.

Finches of Ireland
The finches and buntings of Ireland.  Maybe I should have messed with the saturation on these pictures—they look dull.  Oh well.  In person they were brilliant.

Kingfishers of Ireland
The kingfishers of Ireland.