Yesterday was kind of an exhausted slump, where we went to a museum (which was truly awesome, saw a bunch of drawinhs and engravings and paintings by Rubens, Rembrandt, Shiele, and Breughel, wow) and then commenced on a day-long bitchfest. I am so irritable when exhausted, as is Marshall,  and (believe it or not) I think we are finally ready to come home. Think about where we’ve been. Have some quiet evenings at home in which we do mostly nothing. Lie on the couch for a while. Walk aimlessly.

This morning is the beginning of that. Instead of going to the modern art museum, we came to the local coffeeshop, Vindobona, and had first some coffee, and then a champagny lager called Budweiser but which is nothing like the American Budweiser.  Ahhh. It helps that it’s raining, too. I can feel the muscles in my brain relaxing.



Me smiling very naturally for the camera.