After a day of recup in Vienna, Jason, his gf Julia, and her friend Silvia rented a car and drove us down to a small city in the Austrian Alps called Bad Ischl. Where Kaiser Franz Josef’s family came every year, and Otto von Bismarck, and King George (?) VII. Surrounded by mountains and glacier-fed lakes. It stopped feeling surreal only after we spent most of the day here, driving to a village called St. Wolffgang and boating a little on the lake, walking up to a mountaintop bierhaus and eating schnitzel, lying in buttercups, I swear we just did all that. I’m writing all this journalisticly. Because it takes more time to process than I have. Also because I don’t know how to type on this tablet… it constricts the flow of the music.

20130608_092930Austrian breakfast, plus Marshall’s eggs and potatoes.


Not a good photo, but gives you an idea of how this restaurant in the mountains overlooked the…mountains.