County Kerry, from the bus window,  on the way from Tralee to Dingle.  Yesterday we got off the bus in Dingle and walked 7ish miles north to this place Aaron and Brenna had told us about, right on the north coast of the peninsula. We were there for two days, hiking along the cliffs and over to an old Napoleonic War fort.  Serious activity for us, who have been kind of you know sedentary for the past two years.

Of course, so beautiful, so.



Irish cliffs, north coast of Dingle peninsula! Sometimes it’s so hard to know how to photograph this world.

Tomorrow, if all the aches and pains we’ve collected over the past two days don’t interfere, we’ll rent bikes and ride around the westernmost tip of the peninsula, where there are some really ancient sites.

Also, I don’t think it’s anything but excitement, but the tea tastes better here. Have been having a fair amount.

Swollen gland that popped up the day before we left has not gone down, though I feel fine.

Wish it wasn’t so hard to type on this thing, otherwise these wd be very long posts.