Bibi's Hostel

This is the very sweet hostel that we finally landed in late last night after wending our way through Dublin for a few hours yesterday.  Before that, we trudged through airports, train stations, bus stops, and sat till our asses were sore in the car, on the plane, etc., etc.  Basically Ireland is a long way. And we didn’t have a chance to soak new environs in till this morning, waking up in this so-nice bed. Marshall took this photo, and when I told him it looked totally hip, like those instagram photos you see on Tumblr of messy beds and random limbs sleeping on them, he said, “Huh.”

Yesterday in Dublin we saw stuffed songbirds and sunfish at the natural history museum, and—this is what we went to the museum to see—the bog people. I’ve been slightly obsessed with the bog people ever since I read “Punishment” by Seamus Heaney. I can’t wait to post the photos we took. It’s incredible, marvelous, nearly magic, how these bodies were preserved. Unfortunately Marshall doesn’t have a cord to hook his camera up to this little Samsung tablet, and the tablet itself takes dark, fuzzy photos. Appropriate only for romantic bed photos. And though I brought vast amounts of film, it is still film.

In a few minutes we leave Baily’s Corner, our tea and Guinness, and get on the horridly expensive bus to Dingle, where we’ll be for five days. Erin go bragh.