Today I’m reveling in the spring.  Decided not to grade papers, and instead write in my new journal, make things, and be happy.  Since Rosa and Havilah are coming over after lunch for some Sherlock and tea and cinnamon scones, I figured it’d just streamline the day really nicely if I did fun things ALL day, instead of just part of it.  Oh…spring.  What a gorgeous, beautiful day, and how beautiful that life hurries me forward into places I never imagined.

Anyways it’s a photoblog kind of day.  Here’s some home & garden for early May.

Books to be returned to library.  At long last.

the donut
The last donut leftover from when I got my students donuts for our final.  Have eaten three so far, but do realize how unhealthy that is so am saving the last one for special occasion.  Like lunch.

And this is what I’m doing…pure delight.  Well, bad photo, but still pure delight.  I bought a whole hide of leather for the first time in my life, and I feel just wealthy.

…white peonies.

More white peonies!  I know this is ridiculous, but I’m so excited about having just bought my first  1) swimsuit in about 6 years, I think, and  2) bikini, ever.  I’m ever-so-slightly scandalized, and completely, completely enchanted.  Also slightly anxious, because of winter fat.  On to the garden:

Kale in the front garden bed…


cabbage and beets
…cabbages and beets…

sungold tomato
…and then I have tomatoes in the side garden.  This is a Sungold.