1.  We’re going to Rouxbarb for dinner tonight with Marilyn, who chaired my thesis committee.  She must like me.  She knows wine, and will tell me exactly what I should get.  Omg.

2.  After accidentally falling asleep reading about Dada (how they would all turn in their graves!), I am awake and on the internet.  I have left piles of books and articles around the house, half of which I have not yet read.

3.  The paper on Tzara and dada and Le Coeur a Gaz is due on Monday.

4.  Which, I can’t get freaked-out enough about.  (I have tried.)  I don’t have an idea for this paper, it is due on Monday, it is 5:12pm on Friday, I am looking at Craigslist ads for chicks, ducklings, and goslings.  Oh and guineas too.  I really am going to REQUIRE some goslings and ducklings here in another year or so.  My god.  If I could get them tomorrow.

5.  So, absolutely as soon as possible, I must get a proper job, one with real money (none of these teach-two-classes-and-make-$200-a-week-gigs), and then buy a house with enough yard for many fowl.  Fowls.  I can’t imagine a happier life than one in which I may wear long dresses on the weekends and walk about, feeding the ducks and geese and chickens while they follow me in manner of Country Maiden or similar.

6.  Have clearly also been reading Bridget Jones’s Diary.  Unwise, as it tends to becalm me on seas of wine- and chocolate-preoccupation.  This is where I am now.  Evidence: almost-continual Rouxbarb thoughts, and empty brownie pan on table surrounded by crumbs produced by frenzied brownie crust-scraping.

7.  In other news, we have finally bought tickets for Europe, and are now rather poorer than we were.  But will be much richer culturally & etc. on return.

8.  We are going to: London, Oxford, Wales, Dublin, the Dingle Peninsula, Sligo, & Vienna (and, if all goes well, to Budapest and Prague and/or Salzburg).

9.  Or, we will go only to Oxford, Dublin, Dingle, and Vienna.  That’s the poorer version, and the much-more-likely.

10.  Hurrah for the last day of class!  (Today!)