… is, all things considered, pretty fun.  I continue to hone my spiel about how I have liked teaching first-year English at UTK, but don’t want to pursue it as a profession, but some days I just relax and laugh at (in a nice way) my students.

A few are clever, hard-working young people who impress me with their skillz and semi-mastery of collegespeak.  Others are semi-earnest likeable people who work.  Not hard, but they work, and laugh at my jokes, and hand in most things somewhat on time.  What else can you ask for.

There are a few students, though, who really struggle with getting the hang of college writing & research, and who get lots of low grades … but who remain irrepressibly positive and seem to like me even though I give them C’s.  There’s one of these kids in my second section, this semester, and I had to share a moment of his irrepressible positivity.

Last week we had whole-class draft workshops, for which each student writes up a 1-page feedback sheet for the writers who submit drafts, and most students use careful, kind of stiff language to comment on each other’s drafts (since they know I will be reading them).  You know, like: “There are some things I think the writer is doing less effectively with the paper,” or “She clearly states the different reasons…” etc.  I’ve been reading over these comment sheets today at Java.  Positive Student’s first sentence in one of his:


Haha.  Yes.