1.  It’s Monday, and I turned in my book review on English’s eugenics book Unnatural Selections.  So now I have basically two major hurdles (foreign language exam and Modern Drama seminar paper) before I can introduce myself to new people as a Master of English.  It feels so good to have passed my thesis defense, and squared other random stuff away.  I couldn’t imagine this day, two or three years ago.  Something I couldn’t imagine has happened.  Imagine THAT.

2.  Tomorrow we go to see Dr. M, Knoxville’s better ENT, to talk about test results.  We’re doing pretty well with this diagnosis, but we keep hitting walls throughout our weeks.  We’ll have a good day, in which we have so much gratitude for our life, how fucking lucky we are in so many ways, and then the next day Marshall will lose some more hearing, or the dial-tone tinnitus will run up a few notches, and we find ourselves completely out of ideas.  It’s so easy for Marshall to anticipate the worst that I find myself trying to be super positive all the time, and it’s a weird moment when that bubble gets pricked by the sorrow of this illness.  Or Marshall’s anger that this is happening, that there’s nothing he can do.  Or my anger that there’s nothing I can do.

3.  In other news, I think I’m going to start using coconut oil instead of lotion.  For skin hydration.  I used it for the first time tonight after a run, and I basically feel like the Queen of Sheba.  Glistening, you know.  Makes me want to go to the beach, for some reason.  I think about the beach all the time.  When will summer come?  Sumer is icomen in?  Llude sing cuccu?