So, Marshall and I are sitting at Caffe Vita in Queen Anne, drinking coffee, waiting for KG to call us so we can walk up to Ballard.  And we’re talking about how our lives are moving into the future, how we want to not let fear stop us from taking risks.  Fear is one of the hugest forces in human civilization, my gosh.  In my civilization, or rather: in my large number of barbaric encampments.  But I want more—we want more—to be people of courage.

And then I got online to look for Job Opportunities, my first google search term being “Seattle literary magazines,” as I have some experience working with litmags.  AND THEN I found that Image (run by Seattle Pacific University, right here between Queen Anne and Ballard/Fremont) has this fellowship program where they award a fellowship to postgraduate writers of faith so they can put together their first book manuscripts!  It’s nine months, runs from September to June, and basically sounds like something I would put together in a completely unihibited daydream.

SO I WANT THIS FELLOWSHIP SO BAD AND IT HURTS SO BAD TO WANT THIS FELLOWSHIP.  I’m in huge pain.  But I will dedicate myself from here on out to putting together the best application and manuscript that someone of my size and IQ possibly can.  Maybe it’ll be good enough.