1.  People are goofier than you think, at first, and more vindictive, and more generous, and sacrificial.  People always exceed expectations, one way or another—at least they always exceed mine.  Including myself.  (Am learning more and more about my vindictive side, these days.)

2.  After having been married for a year and a half without being able to write a single interesting ‘marriage poem,’ I have suddenly written two, this morning.  I’m shocked.  Absolutely taken by surprise by what I just learned about marriage, with the help of one strangely apt metaphor.

3.  I have things to do before school starts again in January, but instead of worrying about them, I’m going to not.  I really wavered, here, pretty sure I should worry, and worry over the entire break. But Casey, when I told her I’d decided not to worry, said, “Well, yeah?!”  in a way that brought some absurdity to light.  It would be absurd to worry on Christmas break.  Wow, the summit of absurdity.  Casey is good at pointing out the absurd.  I don’t always see it.  Especially when it has something to do with school-guilt.  Or family-guilt, work-guilt, church-guilt, or any other guilt.

4.  I’m reading the Gospel of Luke, and am shocked yet again by Jesus’s anti-establishment behavior.  After a long conversation with a friend, the other day, about how God may or may not feel about women—in light of the way the church has historically treated them—this anti-establishment behavior is thrilling.

5.  “Hard Times” by Gillian Welch is a new favorite song.  Mumford & Sons would have made it an anthem, so I’m glad they didn’t write it.  I’m over anthems, at this point in my life.  I may move back toward anthems, later, but now I’m a solitary singer.  I need it the way she wrote it.

6.  If I never have kids, it’ll be ok.  By writing, I am bringing something to life, or at least into the daylight world, from a womb.

7.  Christmas is already here.  I’m so in love with its generosity.  Some of that generosity it rubbing off on me, and I’m in love with that, too.