I’ve done basically nothing in the past few days except for meeting with students, for four hours in the mornings and another hour after lunch.

Actually, I’ve also read Caedmon’s Hymn, The Dream of the Rood, Beowulf, The Wanderer, The Wife’s Lament (which was fascinating & I’ll write about it soon) and The Battle of Maldon.  Oh and we watched Christmas Vacation.  And I made chicken pot pie last night.  Anyways.

I like these one-on-one “student conferences,” but for some reason I got a headache and a queasy ill feeling an hour before lunch, and it’s gotten steadily worse.  So instead of worrying about everything, including whether I will throw up on my last student here in fifteen minutes, I will post a photo of my great-grandmother, Jeannette Evans.  I had originally written, in this post, that she was the great-grandmother on my mother’s side with the reputation for having had “loose morals,” but my mom has since pointed out that this isn’t that great-grandmother.  (More on that great-grandmother later.)  This great-grandmother died of tuberculosis at the age of 26, one year younger than I am.

She’s my mother’s mother’s mother.  This is the first photo I’ve ever seen of her.  I love it.