The poet who led my graduate workshop last year, William Pitt-Root, is poetry editor at Cutthroat (literary mag), and his poet-wife Pam Uschuk is the editor.  He told me they wanted to publish one of my poems in their Summer 2012 issue, and at the end of last fall I was so cheery with that news, and their beautiful poems, stories, kindness, and warmth.  The summer issue of Cutthroat was delayed, though, because Pam was diagnosed with cancer.  Was so happy to hear that they caught it early enough, that she was responding well to treatment, and to see the new issue up on their website, last week.  All good news.

Follow this link to the online version of Cutthroat issue 13.  I’m on page 45.  This poem happened in Montellano, Dominican Republic, outside of Rachel Courtney’s apartment.