And this is the year all my friends have babies.  Even ones I only see on Facebook anymore are also inexplicably pregnant and/or posting photos of their small kids in Halloween costumes.  Facebook is now, actually, my best opportunity to see babies, and since I rarely see skinny dark-haired exes traveling the world / riding on elephants on there anymore (thank God), Facebook now = baby photo album.

Actually, it might have just as much to do with the fact that it was just Halloween recently, and people can’t resist posting photos of their kids in costumes (when they probably resist posting photos of their kids eating cereal and stuff, like, every day).

Anyways, I suppose I might be bitter.  I, also, would kind of like to make a human.  Experience maternity, that rose of existence, that secret of secrets.  Etc.  But I have more stuff to do before then, and I can’t even hang out with the friends I already have, right now, let alone make a new friend.  I really can’t imagine how people manage to have kids while they’re in graduate school.  Sometimes I try to imagine how they do it, and I end up wishing I hadn’t.  I also can’t imagine how people have non-school friends while they’re in graduate school.  But I digress.

I’m reading Charles Wright, now.  Have graded all my students’ papers (except one), am gearing up for the final quarter of the semester.  I can’t believe how fast everything has gone, etc., but seriously.  Soon, we’ll be making Belgium plans over black-bean breakfast burritos in Just Ripe, making lists, checking prices, moving ourselves into the next thing.  Marshall and I both had performance reviews this week.  We both drove away from the house in the cold dark, tunneling through the pre-morning, making hopes.

Alternate title for this post: TGIF.