I have something to say about it.  First of all, remember my poetry workshop a couple weeks ago, when everybody was reading a small poem of mine that had been made in a madeleine mold.  The poetic equivalent.  Small, no “wasted syllables,” crafty, & rising correctly to the small occasion.  The workshop leader and other workshopmates liked it, and at the end of class she (leader) started making comments about all these “perfect poems” we have been writing, here.  A friendly sneer.  A kind of friendly sneer about all this tininess and perfection, because few of us have been taking any real risks with our poems, so far.

And today I listened to a song by an old college friend that I haven’t talked to in quite a while, an incredible musician and — even more impressive — a courageous one.  Chris Murray, of Square People, is making risky art.  And it’s very good.  It’s inspiring, and I’m kind of abashed.  Or, arrested.

I’m going to stop writing these madeleines.  Thanks Chris Murray.

Check this out: