The First Animal Story

So, I have some animal stories.  First of all, guess who is living underneath our side deck?  We finally figured out who was killing (eating, actually) the flowers in my flower bed and making these nice trails and neatly-brushed entrance to the underside of the deck.  You can’t believe it!!!!  It’s a groundhog!!!!!

He gets spooked, so every time I tried to take a picture, he’d duck back under there.  So this is me being so clever and taking a picture through the blanket hanging over the window.  Look at that guy.  I LOVE HIM.


Can you believe his very small ears????  I am so in love.   And I forgive everything.  If he understood/cared, I would apologize to him for thinking he was a big rat.  And tell him that he can continue to eat my cosmos and black-eyed susans.  Anyways, he must be hard-up if he has to eat flowers all the time.

He looks EXACTLY like I have always imagine Mole looked, in The Wind in the Willows.  And now Mole’s little home is underneath my deck.  I love him.

The Second Animal Story

I was walking on the sidewalk on our street yesterday, and when I was passing the house a few houses up from us, a German Shepherd that was sitting on somebody’s porch stood up and started whoofing and coming down toward me.  I stepped briskly around the cat that was laying in front of said porch in the middle of the sidewalk, and kept moving.  WHILE the shepherd ran at me growling and BIT, readers, BIT my back jeans pocket.  A funny place to be bitten, although surely the most natural.  He didn’t hurt me, and I think my really loud and indignant, “WHAT THE F***??” and “ARE YOU INSANE????” may have scared him off a little.

Point is, a dog bit me* for the first time in my life, and I was not scared but mostly pissed, and would have punched that dog in the face if it had hung around for one more second.  Of course, usually people are bitten by dogs that wouldn’t care if you punched them in the face, but I think this was the kind who would have responded favorably.  He seemed a coward, really.  After I yelled and kept walking, he stayed put and looked at me kind of sorrowfully, and seemed a little confused, and ashamed.  Which he should have been.  Biting a human, unprovoked!  Shocking.

*Me, as in my jeans.