School approaches.  What am I afraid of?

1.  The kids being bored (sleeping, texting, surfing, sighing, staring at ceiling, etc.) during class.

  • Remember, you’re not in Composition 101 to entertain.  You’re here to teach, and be available for teaching.  If they do not take advantage, it’s their loss, and not meant personally.  They may just not be ready for college; or, your class, this semester, may be readying them.  Freshmen are at the very first beginning.
  • You can knock their grades down for that.  Sorry, kids.

2.  Not being prepared with proper plans & materials.

  • You’re fairly prepared.  Just make a list of things you have left to do.  And don’t do it on GoogleDocs — make a paper-and-pen list, in your new planner.  Which: finish please.
  • You also have a work wardrobe, now.  Good job.  (Thanks.)
  • When discussion lags, introduce a writing prompt.  Perfect.

3.  Not having enough stuff for a thesis.

  • You’ve been writing.  Ok?  Calm down.  This is a big deal.  YOU’VE BEEN WRITING.  This has not always been true.  The quality may be questionable, but that’s not the point right now. You’ve got another six months.  Relax, and keep writing.  Keep reading.  Finish Anna Swir.  Read more Charles Wright.
  • You have a good feeling about the stuff you just sent out.
  • At least you don’t drink Mountain Dew for breakfast.  (God!  Look at that guy!  That must be an entire liter!)

4.  Not ever being as beautiful as a bird.

  • Not even birds are as beautiful as birds.  Look at that mockingbird up there, craning his weirdly skinny neck to bite at his chest-feathers, scratching his neck over and over with his claws, first his right foot and then his left.  Scruffy bastard.

5.  My garden is not lush and somebody threw a whole can of latex paint all over my and Marshall’s cars the day before yesterday and I’m tired of living in the city and every day this week has felt like a Monday.

  • That’s not a legitimate fear, that’s only whining.  And not allowed.
  • Sigh!
  • Must be time to begin the day.