So, it is very hard to make myself do what I should.  This is a universal problem.  But I have actually “checked” facebook twice—accidentally—in the past twenty minutes, because I’m “getting ready” to organize my summer language study schedule.  Which, it’s helpful for me to note, I should have done three weeks ago.  Along with a handful of other things that I still haven’t done.

Basically, I’m burning up my summer and it’s over and I’m screwed.  And we’ve hardly saved any money at all so far this summer.  So, financial goals are rapidly receding in the distance.  Good.

The most comforting thing is: Marshall’s going out of town for five days, and I will have nothing to do but hang out at home and DO the WORK.  His absence will allow me to concentrate on Tristram Shandy, the leather stuff, language study, and—possibly—will allow me to look at my fall 101 syllabus, which might kill me.  That’s why I should be alone when I look at it.  It will cause me to die of cowardice.