‘”I rarely go out nights,’ she told me.  ‘Not to parties.  Not to concerts or operas, or even theatre.  I’m quickly bored at the theatre.  I am very concentrated.  What I love is conversation.  Evenings with Robert at home.  A good tête-à-tête with a friend.  The women I see are mostly friends from my twenties, other writers.  One makes films, one writes plays.  We telephone a lot, and sometimes I buy some pasta and pesto sauce and we eat here, in the kitchen.  Women can be extremely cruel to each other’—the idea that the world would be ‘sweetened’ if women ran it is preposterous, she says—‘but there can also be an intimacy, a confidentiality, among women that men don’t have.'”

from “Against Nature,” great New Yorker article on French “contrarian feminist” Elisabeth Badinter