Soon, the giddiness will end.  Not sure yet when that will be, but soon I will have to stop having fun and start working on my 2012-2013 syllabi, on French, and on the MA reading list.  And probably I should put my committee together, since I was supposed to have done that already.

Not yet.  Yesterday, for instance, I harvested chard for the first time and made a Swiss chard macaroni, with Gouda and Edam.  And ate a portion the size of a football field—it was so good—and drank half a bottle of wine.  You have to gather ye rosebuds while ye may.  This is one thing being actually busy has taught me.  You simply must.  But I say all that to say that it was such a lovely thing, cooking with chard for the first time, and harvesting from the garden for the first time.  My garden is a machine.  So here’s another garden tour.  Sorry if this is so boring…I just can’t help it.  I wish I could lie in the dirt and watch everything grow.  And I realize that that is very unusual.  Regardless!

The roadside garden, looking so nice.

You can see some thinning-out of the chard, there.

So gorgeous aren’t they!

In the side garden, the kales are like a hundred times bigger than last time I posted a photo, and much bigger than the ones in the roadside bed.

The basil is kind of sluggish.  Except for that real eager one in the upper left corner.

The beets and tomatoes, however!

The flowers are looking so good, and the moonflower vine I planted a few days ago is acclimating—that’s it up on the railings.