Yes,  it’s been a great day.  Here’s some photojournalism of it.

I’ve been needing to propagate the roses from the old house, and I did it today.  HOPE IT WORKS.

Incidentally, cornflowers and cosmos and two (2) Bells of Ireland are coming up.  Grieved about the Bells.  Ah well.

As long as I’m talking about the garden: this is the Soviet team.  Unbelievable—they get 12 hours of exhaust and road fumes (though, granted, they also get practically 12 hours of direct sun).

Since the raised bed didn’t work out (in shade), we tore up a new bed.  Here at the front.  I just set everything a few days ago, so they’re all still tiny, but it’s amazing how they spring to life basically as soon as they get in “real” ground.  Purple tomatoes, basil, beets, kale.

(very small kales)

Anyways, one of the reasons it’s a great day is that Marshall is making a brown beer, and is working his way toward “all-grain” brewing by working with a mash tun, this time.  A mash tun that he made.  So cool!!  You can see it in the next photo:

The mash tun is the Lowe’s cooler.

A further reason for the greatness of today: since I recently broke our French press, I got a new one, and it makes me feel like I can really, really relearn French this summer.  A shot in the arm.  Also, I had this beer and it was so good.  That’s it in the Yazoo glass.  It was the New Belgium “Dig” seasonal.

In the background, you can see some of the 40 books I have out from the library, currently. And this is also great: yesterday was the last day of classes (though I have one more class, unofficially, next Thursday), so now I get to read those books instead of looking at them with guilt and sinkings of the gut.

Carla and Adam are coming over for cookies and coffee soon.