I had a really nice weekend.  Would you believe I took a nap?  Came home from church yesterday, sat in the kitchen watching Marshall make curry fried rice, the kitchen filling up slowly with smells all around us.  Ate so much of it — a new favorite recipe, which is saying a lot, since this sweet potato-quinoa thing we’ve been making is also a frontrunner — and we decided to lie down for an hour or so, before Marshall had to leave for his soccer game.  And it’s been chilly, so we piled the blankets on.  There’s nothing sweeter than that.  It doesn’t make me want to quit school, or hate the work-week, it just hollowed out a magical space.  Lying with Marshall, whom I love, in the middle of the day, for an hour.  Sleeping some, waking some.

Of course, it’s not Sunday anymore.  It’s Monday.  And I have to write an abstract and revise a paper by Thursday.  Also other random stuff.  And it’s freezing cold outside.  All these are reasons that I’m having such a hard time getting started this morning.

I wish I was done with school already.  And we were packing up for our Ireland / Belgium trip next summer.

In due time.