Quilting today in natural light.  It has just rained.  I’m listening to Tallis’s Spem in Alium.

I considered machine quilting it, but my machine is broken, and besides, I’ve done everything pertaining to this quilt by hand already—why introduce a machine now?  Right—no reason.  Every hour that’s gone into this quilt is held in firmly, hundreds of stitches, hundreds of thoughts, wishes, worries.  No substitute for this kind of work, in my mind.

Although, time is an issue, and this is probably the last quilt I’ll be doing by hand for a while.  (It’s taken, in all, about three years to make, ha ha.  Seriously.)

Tour of the yard, how things look now.  The flower bed as it stands—with some homeless thyme.

Starting basil, kale, beets, and tomatoes.  They look cheery, but it irks me that we’ve had such a warm spring…hope these cool-weather plants will be ok.

Cabbages in raised bed being ravaged by cabbage moths or slugs or whatever it is!  It’s odd to grow cabbage, though, isn’t it?  Anyways—that’s a bowl of beer for the slugs, but I haven’t caught any.  Only earwigs.  Such gross animals.

Rain barrel, which I love, catching some rain.

So this is the bed in front of our house, between the road and the sidewalk—precarious!  And who knows what is in that soil!  But it’s only cabbage and chard.  I guess there’s  only a few chances they’ll make it (cabbage moths, slugs, whatever-it-is), and if they make it there’s only a few chances we’ll figure out how to eat em.  Just kidding, I know how to eat cabbage.  Just not chard.