1.  Sitting on the 5th floor of the library,
2.  Staring out the window at Neyland Stadium
3.  And the flat gray clouds which are like winding-sheets,
4.  Trying to purge from memory 102 student who responded to news of a campus sexual assault with,
5.  Aw c’mon she probably just got patted on the butt!

6.  First I will make a list of things I get to do over Spring Break,
7.  Then I will start sorting the beans, lentils, grains…all night…

Things I Get to Do Over Spring Break:
8.  Submit poems to journals, magazines, and Hodges contest;
9.  Finally mail box of stuff to friend in Seattle;
10.  Finally mail box of stuff to sister in Cleveland;
11.  Look for chairs at thrift / antique shops around town;
12.  Go to gazillion thrift stores and buy a gazillion new clothes;
13.  Actually make some fun food;
14.  Go to the symphony;
15.  Dig up the rest of the garden beds;
16.  Take walks;
17.  Hang around;
18.  Hang around in slippers with coffee;
19.  Check stuff out in housecoat and slippers, with coffee, maybe wander inside and then outside again;
20.  Be deliriously happy.

Amounts of Time (Average) I Have Wasted in the Past Few Days Thinking About Spring Break:
21.  Saturday: 7 hours;
22.  Sunday: 9 hours;
23.  Monday:  13 hours;
24.  Tuesday so far: 4 hours.