Instead of:

1. Outlining the presentation I’m doing tomorrow on Cold Mountain and Southern women on the homefront;
2. Putting together a handout for that presentation;
3. Doing Pedagogy readings (ha) or finishing Hirshfield’s collection After;
4. Turning over dirt in the garden beds;
5. Buying potting soil;
6. Buying shoes;
7. Buying Kit-Kats;

…I am:

8. Clicking around on strangers’ Facebook pages;
9. Staring out the windows;
10. Walking around the house, staring out of each window;
11. Sighing loudly (no one hears!);
12. Slumping, feeling as if spine is made of gristle;
13. Blogging about _____;

If I had:

14. A cup of coffee;
15. M&Ms;
16. A different shirt on;
17. Any ambition at all;

…I would:

18. Remind myself that I get to watch a movie tonight (even if it is for a class);
19. Remind myself that I’ll be basically home-free, schoolwise, on Saturday;
20. Remind myself that I get to start seeds on Saturday;
21. Stop looking out of windows;
22. Get my ass in there at that table and write.