On that roll of film I developed today, I have found some interesting things, three of which are from Mead’s Quarry (see above).  All the photos are slightly overexposed-looking, which might be because the back of my camera won’t close and I have been taping it shut with duct tape.

Some veggie burgers we made a while back and decided to commemorate.

One of the few existing good pictures of Marshall!  Actually, two out of five of the pictures of him on this roll turned out great.  Pretty handsome guy, and at the age of 30 has lost all of his baby fat.

Another grainy photo, but anyways.  This was dinner on Valentine’s: tilapia tacos with pan-fried sweet potatoes and a cilantro-lime slaw.  So much of the food we eat really deserves to be commemorated in some way.  Wine almost always, and sometimes cilantro-lime slaw.