I finished my Milton paper late Friday night, to much bleary-eyed rejoicing.  I threw together a Works Cited at 1am or 2am or something, wandered into the bedroom where Marshall was watching a documentary on deep sea creatures (and occasionally laughing or saying “oh my gosh!” in a horrified manner), and we turned off the lights and went to sleep so fast.  Slept long and hard, and got up at 9am to begin what we knew was going to be a wonderful day.  Since I had finished paper 1, we were going to party.

First things first: bacon and eggs, which Marshall has learned how to fry/poach in a magical way.  He learned from a weird lady on youtube.  But he now makes amazing eggs.  We listened to The Weepies, and the Emmylou Harris and Mark Knopfler concert (All the Roadrunning?).

Then we went to look for a dress for me, who needed something to wear to Jay & Jena’s black tie Christmas party that night.  First place I looked had a punch bowl full of pink champagne with strawberries floating in it, and I sipped it while leafing through the dresses.  I didn’t think that I could feel any lighter or more joyous, and here I was getting free champagne while looking for a new dress.  Sadly, I never found a dress, even after Marshall so sweetly took me to The Mall.  After two hours of Mall Trekking, we limped exhausted and confused back to the car … somehow The Mall has gotten worse over the last however-many years … it really is a difficult place to be.  Anyways.  We high-tailed it to Barley’s for a small pizza.  I had a Rogue chocolate stout, and this was high point #2 of the day.

After getting home and figuring out how to wear my pink ruffly dress without accidentally showing my boobs to everyone, we opened up the 20oz bottle of N’ice Chouffe (one of the tastiest beers—Belgian—we have ever found), lounged around for a while, then put on our shoes and took ourselves off the party.  At which we had the blissful coconut shrimp…and all manner of other things.  Including the obligatory red snapper shot, and “apple pie” moonshine made by unnamed bootleggers in the family.  This is 120 proof, according to Jay, but is apply and cinnamony and never a hint of alcohol.  Dangerous.  And amazing. Got home in time to go to bed at a reasonably adult hour, very tired, very happy.

Marshall and I have had some very exhausting weekends sprinkled throughout these first five months of marriage.  They seem random, still, but randomness ceases to worry me.  One weekend we’ll have seventeen and one half terrible fights, in which one or the other of us will have to take a drive and cool off … and the next weekend will be like this one, filled with the most profound gratitude, eager serving, humility, and joy.  I tend to be scared when I can’t figure out exactly why communication broke down in this or that specific circumstance … or whether I should abandon myself to happiness/gratitude when I can’t figure out exactly where it has come from … but maybe there’s wisdom in forgetting fear or regret in the presence of joy.  I know there is, surely.  I’m working on my last (and least awesome) paper now, and really don’t know what it will turn into (or if it will turn into anything at all), but the free gift of yesterday still warms me.