Ok, all kidding aside, I’m going to coach myself through these last eight days of writing by blogging a lot.  Yesterday, in which I was frantically trying to swab all those cobwebs out of my brain and write a freaking seminar paper … was less productive than it might have been.  I wrote up a thesis and an outline — which was a big deal — but fought anxiety and the pressure of time all day.  I realized, finally, that it’s not fair that I’m so freaked out about writing.  I love it, and I do it well.  When I panic about having only two days to write a draft, though, I truss myself up like a stuffed pork loin.  Which is an odd comparison, but the point in these blogs is to warm up those creative juices.  Which comparing myself to a pork loin (surprise) is actually doing.

So what I’ve done so far this morning is 1) sleep in till 8am, and 2) treat writing like it’s a friend.  It’s shocking what sleeping in like this has done for me, and writing like I love writing has turned my pathetic attempt at an introductory paragraph into something I’m almost proud of having written.

Pep talk 1.