1.  Today I thought I could get a parking spot on Volunteer ten minutes before the meeting for everyone in the English Department.  So after I thought that for a while, I parked at Fort Kid and walked back up to campus, about twenty minutes.  Missed the entire EN Dept meeting.  Win.

2.  While lined up after the (next) meeting for EN grad students, waiting to sign up for a time to meet with Dr Haddox, a friendly person started a conversation with me, and another friendly person joined in.  I am so much braver than I was two years ago, but I’m still a ridiculous coward, and this single conversation was mysteriously encouraging.  Probably has something to do with the hummingbird.

3.  Two days ago a hummingbird appeared on our back porch, searching every angle of the red oil lamp I’d hung up out there.  Finding no sugar water.  So I ran around like a madwoman looking for my hummingbird feeder, guessing on water-sugar ratios, and making shocking messes trying to screw the thing together.  Every day since, this emissary from Lilliput has come and come again, every day bolder.  This morning she came while I was reading parables, and she came chirping.