Which sounds so different than “orientation”!  So much more like a voyage, or adventure, and so much less like a medical procedure.

So, in spite of the chaos, and the dramatic highs and lows I’ve reached this week so far, I am beginning to orient myself.  Still … a little confused on the relationship between the creative writers and the lit people in this program.  This entire week of 9-5 sessions have been primarily focused on first- and second-year teaching (and the philosophies involved therein) and our New Existence as a Graduate Student, and only one small 50-minute meeting about the creatives in the department.  Which was not entirely satisfactory, which perhaps was the point.  The first thing addressed in the meeting was, basically, Don’t Whine About the Department Online.

Anyways, there is much to be hopeful about.  More on that later — and I’m really looking forward to writing that post.