1.  There is a GALE outside.  It’s dark as night and the trees and bushes are whipping around, the flickering of lightning and the sound of rain, rain, we have needed so much rain.  There must be a million gallons of water coming down.  You can’t even see through it.  Oh thank you God.  Every one of my flowers and vegetables is hunkering down and laughing, laughing.

2.  The food I own currently: yogurt, cereal, and a some cake that Aunt Betty sent home with me last week.  So, for lunch, since it’s so lame to eat the same thing for lunch as you did for breakfast, I had a lot of cake.

3.  The wedding photography fiasco is straightened out.  We signed a contract without talking or thinking it over, and it has bit us in the butt.  But the guy has graciously offered a solution and now we’re having Natalie and Samantha shoot everything.  It’s going to be good.

4.  The vest fiasco is pretty much straightened out.  After checking out the mall, and by that I mean every store in West Town Mall that sells even an article of men’s clothing, and checking out Men’s Wearhouse, and checking out Kohl’s, and then checking the hell out at Union Jack’s with Carla and some Shiner Bock — we’ve pretty much decided that there’s no way we can get matching vests for all the guys for less than $60 each.  So, we’ll just have Marshall wear his great old cord vest, and the guys will just wear belts, or something.  Dark brown pants.

5.  I just registered for classes, finally, omg.  Took forever, so timid, so tremulous.  But for better or worse, I’m taking a 16th / 17th Century English Lit class on TR; a “Colloquium on Poetry Writing,” which, dear God what is that, on M; and an even-more-intimidating class on post-colonial lit on F.  Dear God what are those.  Dear God.

6.  Today I went into Hairpeace and Megan did my hair, and then I met Samantha and she did my makeup.  You have to do these things.  And I feel a little like a famous person.  Or rather, I feel what a famous person must feel, or at least the extreme edges of it.

7.  I think I make people feel strange when I tell them that I’ve been cutting my own hair for three years.  And that I don’t have makeup remover.  Well, I feel a little strange when I say those things.  And, I am a little strange.