It looks like Marshall is going to buy a Honda Fit from Casey’s dad!  I realized after I posted the Banal Note below that I had something much more interesting to say — and infinitely more significant.  Marshall’s been stressing and losing sleep over this: needing a new car but not having the money to buy anything too new, not having the credit to finance anything much, not having the whatever-you-need to keep playing the used car dealer game.  He’d just decided to give up on finding one in time to take it on the honeymoon & start looking at the classifieds when he got a text about the Fit that T was wanting to sell.  For a great deal.  And it has so many of these little things that M was looking for, from electric locks and windows to transmission type to number of doors.  And it’s T’s car, so it will stay in the family.  We can take care of something of T’s.  This is a big deal to me.

The reason that the “ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find” passage will be part of our wedding ceremony is this: there is no theme to M’s and my life together if it’s not this truth, that we are loved by God, and if we ask for things we have no right to own (a friendship, a marriage, a good job, a change of heart, a year of good health, ad infinitum, it is so often the obvious pleasure of God to give them to us.  It’s so strange, to ask for a good car (so extravagant) and to get one like this.  After all that.  Strange, and our lives are changed again (again) (and again).